2013 Annual General Conference, Tamale

Annual General Conference is one of the major platform in which members of organized bodies meet to discuss issues confronting the group and collectively devise a solution. It also serves as a medium to communicate to those who matters to making the working environment of members conducive and together drive team concerted effort towards accomplishment of agreed objectives.

The Ghana Association of Public Health Technical Officers, is an organized body of Technical officers (nutrition, disease control, Health information) and field technicians working in the various facets of the health services in Ghana. The members of the group can easily be identified working in the CHAG, GHS and Ministry of Health. Like other organized bodies, the association meet annually to discuss issues confronting the association and collectively brainstorm solutions to addressing the challenges.

This report covers the 6th annual conference which was hosted by the Northern regional branch of the association with financial support from the National association. The theme for the conference was Improving Health Data Quality for Effective Planning; the role of the public health technical officers.  This theme was chosen based on how critical data is Quality data is in assessing global or geographical burden of disease. The conference took place at the University of Development Studies (UDS) International Conference Hall from the 28th October, 2013 to 2nd October, 2013.

For Full Conference report, go to the Publications Section of this website.

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