GAPHTO observes recent wave of disease outbreak across the country

Accra, Dec.22, GNA – The Ghana Association of Public Health Technical Officers (GAPHTO), a professional body, has welcomed the call for the establishment of a Ghana Centre for Disease Control for early detection and response to disease epidemics, or unusual health events in a timely manner.

In a statement, GAPHTO noted that the establishment of such a center with the necessary resources would place Ghana at the forefront of disease control and surveillance in the sub-region and even feed into Africa CDC regional collaboration center framework.

The statement said Ghana stood to gain as the center would position itself to manage public health emergencies that were of national or international concern.

The Association pledged its support and collaboration with the Government through GHS and Ministry of Health (MOH) towards the establishment of Ghana Centre for Disease Control.

Members of the GAPHTO whose lead efforts had contributed to progress towards eradication and elimination of communicable diseases such as poliomyelitis, guinea worm, and measles in Ghana, were readily available to provide the needed expertise for the centre when established.

The Association’s call for the establishment of the centre was extended to the President, parliament, the GHS council, WHO, CDC USA and other well-wishing organisations and individuals to support the creation of the Ghana Centre for Disease Control.

GAPHTO commended all actors and stakeholders in their respective roles in response to the current outbreaks and encouraged them to seek the full implementation of all public health emergency response plans with needed resources to ensure a successful control of outbreaks and lead to recovery.

The statement encouraged all health workers especially the health records assistants, field technicians and technical officers to be resilient in all response efforts in the face of the challenges that may be faced in the execution of their duties.

“This is another opportunity to make a lasting impression on the health system as had been done in the past by doing what you know best, early detection, notification, and response,” he said.

GAPHTO had observed the need for a boost in logistical support to be provided for routine services which will help position emergency response measures to be more effective during this time.

The statement said the provision of motorbikes and other vehicular means of transport to enhance effective supervision of peripheral health facilities, especially in newly created districts should be put in place.

In addition, such supervisory activities should be extended to school health facilities in a collaborative manner to ensure best practices are in place.

The Association encouraged the citizenry to take charge and be responsible for their own personal hygiene such as frequent washing of hands with soap under running water, sleeping in ventilated rooms, practice respiratory or cough etiquette and early reporting to the nearest health facility upon signs of ill health.


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