1st November 2019

To: All Members

Greetings to All Our Cherished Members Nationwide,

The leadership of GAPHTO and national planning committee together with the Local Organising Committee of the 2019 AGC wish to bring to the notice of All members the following arrangements for the 2019 Annual General Conference;

  1. All members wishing to attend the 2019 AGC are required to register for the conference through an online portal on the Association Website (https://www.gaphto.org/2019-annual-general-conference/). Information Required for registration will include some background information as well as evidence of payments of the conference fee (bank pay-in slip).
  2. Registration for the conference starts from the 1st of November 2019 and ends on 25th November 2019. This is to ensure the LOC and National make appropriate verification of payments and confirm accommodation arrangements for members even before they arrive at the conference Venue. Members are therefore encouraged to register early not to wait until they arrive at the conference. 
  3. A 10% discount package in cash payable to a participant before the end of the conference is available for all participating members who are required to make full conference fee payments (i.e. GHC1500) and register for the conference before the 15th November 2019 deadline.
  4. A Non-residential package is available to only Members from the Host region and Boundary Districts to the Host region who do not wish to be accommodated. Such participants are required to pay 50% of the conference fee and proceed to register on the portal as such.
  5. All registration data including payment slips will be verified after the close of registration and final confirmation to participate in the conference communicated to respective members via email.
  6. Detailed accommodation arrangements will be communicated to confirmed participants before they arrive at the Venue to ensure their smooth stay during the conference.
  7. The Conference is AHPC accredited and members attending shall receive CPD points of not less than 5 credits points for the renewal of their Pins.
  8. Regional Executives and District Leaders are to ensure all members get this information. These arrangements are to ensure participants are admitted smoothly for the conference without any hustle.


Dachaga Oswald

General Secretary