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50 reviews for Webinar Registration

  1. Esther (verified owner)

    Am not able to register after several attempts why

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is the exact feedback you are getting?

  2. Mohammed Aborah (verified owner)

    i have placed my order but haven’t received any message in my email to do the final registration

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is the exact feedback you are having?

  3. Ambrose Ackon

    Am have challenge with the CPD registration.

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is your exact issues?

  4. Ambrose Ackon

    Forms filled but am not receiving the E-mail or feedback.

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      did you do a successful check out?

  5. Patience Bedu

    I placed my order but haven’t received any mail

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is you order id?


    Am not able to register please

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is your exact challenge?


    did not receive any mail

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      did you complete a successful order?

  8. Jacob Busi

    I registered yesterday and did not receive any Mail.

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      share your email address with me

  9. Opoku Abigail



    Am being deducted but it says i should pay

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      Kindly send me screenshot of your most recent payslip Send to 0248403076 via Whatsapp

  11. Sampson Dzibo


  12. Alberta Korkor Asamoah

    I want to partake in the workshop

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      Kindly register for it.

  13. Patiene Opoku

    I Patience Opoku registered yesterday but as at now I haven’t received any mail

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      do check your mail again

  14. Magdalene Agbemafle

    I can’t register as a dues paying member,I am being asked to pay


    I registed this morning, please how will I know that it went through successful

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      check your mail

  16. Benjamin Tiezooli N.

    I want to take part in the workshop

  17. Adu Andrews Afari (verified owner)

    I registered on the 14th of August, apart from the mail to indicate that I’ve successfully completed the registration
    I’ve not received any meeting link in my email

  18. Priscilla Pokuah Nti (verified owner)

    Am being deducted but it’s says I should pay

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      apply your staff ID as coupon code during checkout

  19. Judith Gyilku

    Still have not received any mail for the registration

  20. Isaac Owusu Ansah

    GAPHTO Member

  21. Isaac Owusu Ansah

    Am a GAPHTO member I want to take part in the training which is coming off tomorrow.

  22. Belinda Serwah Tabiri

    I am not a good standing member how should I make payment

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      electronically on the checkout page using your mobile wallet

  23. Acheampong Prince

    The form has been filled but the transaction site is a challenge l couldn’t complete .please l need help

  24. Eric Yeboah Forson

    Please i have place the order with a wrong email. How can I change it

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is the right email address?

  25. Belinda Serwah Tabiri

    I’m not a member and want to register and be part kindly assist me in the registration process

  26. Dakurah Eunice

    Difficult as a first timer


    I want to partake in the workshop.

  28. Ahakutor Sammy Kwaku

    I have been trying to register for the program for CPD to enable me renew my PIN

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      what is the exact challenge you are facing?

  29. Nancy Asiedu

    I Nancy Wis to partake in the workshop


    Had it easy to register

  31. Rockson Afirim

    Nice initiative but Page too difficult to navigate

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      Thank you. what do you think should be done to improve it?

  32. Nancy

    Please I haven’t had any massage

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      you do not have any successful registration pending on the system

  33. Nicholas Kwabena Korang

    Wanted to participate but couldn’t register. Nice initiative anyway

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      registration is still opened

  34. King

    Sry for typo error

    Pls has anyone registered for this webinar successfully?

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      yes, over a 1000 subscription so far. I do not see any record on your email on the system

  35. Awudu Fati (verified owner)

    I have placed my order since 15th but still have not received a mail for the registration

  36. Ernest Boateng

    Have not received the link to continued registration

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      check your mail inbox

  37. Mavis Faah

    I haven’t received any mail yet

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      i do not see any record from your email as having completed a transaction on the system. kindly complete check out procedure


    payment is not been able to go through inspite of having input the token from momo here, please what is the wayforward. laarbiklydia27@yahoo.com

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      please consider you mobile wallet. your debit card is being turned down.


    Good initiative

  40. Nicholas Kwabena Korang

    Good one

  41. Agyapong Kwame Addai

    Nice program

  42. Bernice Agyapong (verified owner)

    Please I registered yesterday, but never received any mail, thanks.

  43. Yahaya Badradeen

    Trying to join the group

  44. Yahaya Badradeen


  45. David Mmulana Belima

    Not been able to register after several attempts

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      view your cart and complete your transaction. it is pending

  46. Abena ekremet obenewaa

    I tried many times to register,but the system keeps on rejecting.what should I do

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      i do not see any record of transaction from your email. try again

  47. Ernestine Xoese Sabblah

    Please I have been trying since yesterday but It says “you cannot add another webinar registration to your cart”. Please do something about it.

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      after the message, you see button that says view cart. you already added to the cart. you click on view cart. enter coupon code is you are a gaphto member in good standing (staff id) and click apple. then proceed to check out. Fill in billing details and click on place order

  48. Faith Adzomani

    I tried several times to register but the system keep rejecting

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      check you mail again.

  49. Enoch Omane Agyei (verified owner)

    still waiting for the zoom link after receiving two messages of confirmation of registration done

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      kindly check your mail again

  50. Gloria Acorlor

    I an not a good standing member. Pls how do I make my payment

    • gaphto (verified owner)

      you can make payments electronically during registration and checkup. if your have challenges. reach out on whatsapp for assistance. 0248403076

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